Next Roast Date: Oct 13 (Tuesday)
Next Roast Date: Oct 13 (Tuesday)
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Kalita Wave Glass Dripper #185
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Kalita Wave Glass Dripper #185

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Hario is synonymous with high-quality coffee gear, and this entry-level grinder is no different! Popular in the early 2010s, they've updated the design in this PLUS variant with a more durable handle and hexagonal shaft coupling. It comes in two new colourways too - Smoke Gray and Matte White. The overall form factor remains the same, which means it has a natural curve that's great to hold, and a build quality that will last you years.

The new Mini Slim Plus is great as a starter grinder, or for travelling, and we think you'll enjoy it for many years!

Technical Information

Materials: Ceramic Burrs, Metal Shaft and Crank, BPA-free Plastic
Hopper Capacity: 30 grams
Grounds Container Capacity: 30 grams
Grind Range: Moka Pot to French Press