Snooze! Swiss Water Decaf
Snooze! Swiss Water Decaf
Snooze! Swiss Water Decaf
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Snooze! Swiss Water Decaf

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Why skimp on quality for people who drink coffee primarily for taste, rather than caffeine? The Swiss Water Process of decaffeination is an all-natural method that removes 99.9% of the jolt, without affecting much of the flavour!

On a high-quality Brazil such as this one, you get no compromises on the coffee's sweetness, whether brewed long or pulled short as an espresso shot!

This coffee is

Aromatic, Sweet, Balanced

Additional Coffee Info:

Santos, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Natural / Swiss Water Decaffeinated
Bourbon and Catuai
900-1100 m.a.s.l.

Suggests flavours of: 
Dark Chocolate, Golden Raisins, Roasted Peanuts
Roast level: ⬛⬛⬛🔲⬜
Enjoy as: Filter, Espresso