Hambela Deri "Red"
Hambela Deri "Red"
Hambela Deri "Red"
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Hambela Deri "Red"

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Project Origin classifies Ethiopian microlots by colour or season, depending on their flavour profile. "Red" from the town of Hambela Deri, offers ripe stone fruit flavours, a jammy mouthfeel, and even more sweetness in the finish.

While pleasant as a medium-bodied filter coffee, this origin undoubtedly shines when brewed with an espresso machine. It's tasty as a straight up shot, and downright delicious with a little bit of milk!

This coffee is

Ripe, Jammy, Syrupy

Additional Coffee Info:

Hambela Deri Township, Oromia, Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia
Mixed Heirloom
1950-2300 m.a.s.l.

Suggests flavours of: 
Ripe Mango, Orange Marmalade, Dark Chocolate
Roast level: ⬛⬛⬛🔲⬜
Enjoy as: Espresso, Filter