Our Story


The name is inspired by a series of alleyways in an old neighbourhood in the City of London, where the first coffee-houses set up shop in the early 1600s. Back then, it wasn't about the product per se - coffee-houses were intersections of the public sphere, where artists, politicians, and stock-brokers would meet up and subsequently, cook up great ideas.


In 2013, Magnum Opus opened in the south of Manila. The mission was simple, but clear: Source delicious coffee, and serve it in the best way possible. All this, done for three years at a tiny cafe above a rice store and laundromat. In the process, relationships were formed that led to the creation of Exchange Alley, three years later.

Today, we serve people who walk through our cafes with more than just delicious coffee - though that is still of utmost importance. We strive to deliver a tasty experience to our guests through our drinks, food, service, and the overall vibe and coffee culture. We understand that the Specialty Coffee concept can appeal to everyone - it's just a matter of meeting different people halfway. Our space is still an intersection of a lively and varied public sphere, but this time, complemented by a great product.