CAFEC Flower Dripper 01 (Plastic)
CAFEC Flower Dripper 01 (Plastic)
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CAFEC Flower Dripper 01 (Plastic)

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Known for their development of the first cone paper filter, CAFEC has now expanded into the single-cup brewer market with their Flower Dripper. The petal-like grooves along the inner side creates a layer of air that allows the coffee to fully expand. The differences in width between grooves also contributes to a variable flow rate that depends on the water level in the dripper.

Made of BPA-free plastic for excellent thermal stability and durability. Plastic scoop included.

Suitable for recipes using 12-18 grams of coffee.

Technical Information

Materials: BPA-free Plastic

Filter Compatibility:
CAFEC Traditional Filter 01
CAFEC Abaca 01
Hario V60 01